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TH Relations provides a full influencer marketing service to agencies and brands, and focuses on consulting clients on the essential toolkit necessary for successfully running influencer marketing campaigns. TH Relations additionally offers consultation in how to set up an influencer marketing department or can help your brand to establish and recruit for a successful influencer marketing unit for your business. Founder Tanja Henkel has already been a pioneer in influencer marketing when she first wrote her Bachelor thesis about this digital marketing branch back in 2011. After working for an internationally renowned fashion brand, Tanja started to re-focus on influencer marketing in 2014 and worked for one of the biggest dating apps in Europe. She successfully managed influencer marketing campaigns across all channels and has established TH Relations in 2016. However, TH Relations does not merely offer B2B solutions but also covers all social media channels linked to Tanja as an influencer aka Seaside Glamour. Through her experience in media & journalism studies she offers high quality content creation for your brand via Instagram, the blog or individual content production. TH Relations offers access to a professional campaign planning team consisting of professional photographers, social media experts and content creators.




Tanja Henkel started her part-time business in 2015 and has now been able to fully concentrate on TH Relations since June 2016. TH Relations specializes in providing a full influencer marketing service to agencies and brands, and focuses on consulting clients on the essential toolkit necessary for successfully running an influencer marketing department by offering attractive packages tailored to specific needs. Whether a client wishes to outsource influencer marketing activities or merely requires consulting services, TH Relations can cover it all. Starting from sourcing and finding the best fitting influencers for a campaign to planning and running influencer campaigns, services further range from project management and key accounting to reporting and the analysis of influencer marketing campaigns. With a broad network of agencies and direct contacts, TH Relations can set up relationships between influencers and clients or serve as a mediator while setting up product placements if wished for.

Influencer acquisition0%
Talent management0%
Campaign planning0%
Budgeting & reporting0%




Acquiring influencers & consulting on the choice of influencers for specific campaigns


Assistance in setting p relationships with agencies and managements

Talent Management

Managing talent accounts, briefing and handling payment procedures

Campaign planning

Consultation in campaign planning, creative assistance and handling all campaign aspects if required



Pictures of Clementine

Photographer & Blogger

Davi Ziero

Instagram Model

Madlen Bohéme

Blogger & Instagram Influencer